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Miller Environmental Corp. Introduces Streamline™

Miller Environmental Corp. is proud to introduce Streamline™, a state-wide program available in Massachusetts that combines engineering software that “streamlines” pressure distribution calculations for site engineers with installation kits that provide installing contractors with everything they need to install a pressure distribution network quickly and easily.

Click here for Streamline™ software program screenshots.

Click here to download the Streamline User Guide (PDF 1.5 mb)

Engineering professionals will find that using the Streamline™ software program will save hours of time on each pressure distribution system design.  In fact we believe that this program will save engineers so much time and effort that it will pay for itself with one use.       

The program is configured so that Streamline™ designs are built into system installation kits by Miller Environmental Corp. at our septic supply yard.  The kits can be delivered to the job site or the installing contractor’s office or yard and include everything needed to install a complete pressure distribution system.  The kits include pumps, controls and control panels, predrilled distribution laterals, manifold and forcemain piping, fittings, orifice shields, filter fabric, cleanouts and inspection access boxes.

Streamline™ Saves Engineers and Installers Time & Money

We believe designers and installers will find that under most circumstances using conventional leaching systems with pressure distribution networks will result in significant cost savings when compared to prefabricated subsurface leaching systems that have recently been approved for use in Massachusetts.  We estimate a 30% - 50% reduction in soil absorption system installation costs for projects that do not require reduction of soil absorption system size or remedial sites that do not require reduction of the soil absorption system size beyond the 25% reduction allowed under the Local Upgrade Approval provisions of Title 5.

Streamline™ Helps Health Agents Review Calculations

Streamline™ can be used by health agents to review pressure distribution network calculations submitted to Boards of Health by local engineers for project approval and permitting.  This can be accomplished by simply inputting project design parameters as prompted, clicking the Calculate button and comparing the results with the submitted design.  They will also be prompted when to reference the DEP Pressure Distribution Guidance, available through the Streamline™ program as a link to the DEP website, with instructions indicating which tables to analyze for verification of design parameters that have been specified.  As well, the Streamline™ pump curve facility provides health agents with an easy method to review pump specifications and designs.

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